ROENTGENIZDAT - The X-Ray Audio Documentary

Our full length documentary 'Roentgenizdat - Bone Music' premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London on September 25th and is currently showing at film festivals. It was awarded the best documentary prize art the Russian Film Festival in London.

"Leningrad 1946, the Cold War: All culture is subject to the brutal control of a totalitarian state censor. But music-mad bootleggers devise an incredible and risky way to listen to and share the music they love, copying forbidden songs onto used X-ray film and creating their own records."

It features new interviews with Marc Almond, Artyemi Troistky and Stephen Coates, Soviet era x-ray Bootleggers and extraordinary archive footage telling the story of one of the strangest eras in vinyl, music, forbidden culture and cold war history.

With the trailer here: